Flying Star Updates for September 2015

8th Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (8th September 2015 - 7th October 2015)




If your main door or bedroom is in this sector, you will receive unexpected windfalls and increase of opportunities in your life. Heaven shines upon residents of this sector. Enhance good fortune luck by placing a Wish Granting Tree in this part of your home or office. To keep the annual star under control, place a Golden Garuda next to your bed if your bedroom is located here, and hang an All-Metal 6-Rod Windchime in the Southeast of your house to protect against any negative energies.


The monthly illness star joins the annual #7 to bring danger of eye diseases & heart attacks. Wear sunshades to protect your eyes if you reside here. Those with heart conditions should move out of the room for the month. Display a Wu Luo with Garuda by your bed and carry a Health Medallion while you are on the move. Display an Anti-Burglary Totem here to protect against robbery. Young females face troubles related to office politics, as unscrupulous colleagues can't seem to halt their wagging tongues. Display a Bejeweled Crab to protect against harm from politicking.





This month is very favourable for those who are still single. The lucky #4 star brings romance luck and makes you very attractive to the opposite sex. Display a Double Happiness with Peony or Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks here to boost your love luck. This sector is auspicious for students this month as it brings excellent examination and study luck. Residents will also find this month much better in terms of productivity and opportunities to excel. Display a Bejeweled 7 Level Pagoda for examination luck and a Crystal Globe to enhance study concentration.


The monthly five yellow brings health problems related to the liver and also general misfortune to the resident. Use a Bejewelled Dorje and/or Heart Sutra Pagoda to suppress the negative Chi. It is best to move to another room or use another entrance if either your bedroom or main door are located here. Place a pair of Golden Wu Luo on either side of your entrance and a Longevity God in this area for improved health luck. You may also run into cash flow problems. Display a God of Wealth in this area to attract wealth luck. Do NOT renovate this sector this month.





You need to be extremely careful this month as there are high chances of robbery and burglary. This applies to all households, as the burglary star has flown into the middle of the house. Violence and blood is in the cards. Keep this place quiet and avoid arguments. Use a Still Water Feature to calm the fiercely clashing energies here. Carry the Nightspot Amulet keychain to protect you from robbery and accidents, especially when you are out of the house. Avoid late nights and walking alone during night time. Display a figurine of the Red Robe Laughing Buddha to transform bad energy into good.


You may find the children or females at home more short-tempered than usual this month, especially if the West sector is a 'public' area of the house. Try not to spend too much time in this sector as it is unlucky this month. Stress levels and blood pressure can soar, so take it easy if you are prone to health problems. Place a Heart Sutra Pagoda or Metal Pagoda Windchime in this area to control the bad chi. Do not leave candles or stoves unattended here, as there is danger of fire. Display a Laughing Buddha with Ingots to bring prosperity luck.





There is good financial and career luck for residents of this sector. Promotions and recognition are forthcoming to those who seize them. This is an extremely lucky this sector this month. Enhance the luck here with a Lotus Roots with Water and a statue of Kwan Kung. If your office room is located here, place a Chinese Calligraphy Set on your desk to enhance creativity and ideas, and display a Golden Arowana to give your career a huge boost. Use a 21 Tara Plaque on your desk to remove all obstacles to success this month.


The annual prosperity star is blocked by the wood star energies this month. A clash of elements occurs in this sector bringing disagreement and the stressful energies of gossip. It is worth watching what you say in daily conversation. There is a tendency for misunderstandings to arise out of nothing at all. Keep a Red Tara Lamp Light on and display a 7 Royal Emblem Plaque here to suppress the inauspicious energies. Display a Lotus Flower with Carps to enhance the annual prosperity star.





This is the luckiest sector this month. The prosperity star brings financial success and wealth luck to the whole family, especially the patriarch. Display a Inukshuk Fountain here to enhance money luck. If your living hall/dining area is located in this sector, you could enjoy increased income! Those in the academic or literary fields will have a smooth and successful time. Prospects are good when it comes to affairs of the heart. Display Mandarin Duck with Peony in the living room to enhance luck in love.

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