Flying Star Updates for April, 2015

3rd Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (5th April 2015 - 5th May 2015)



These unfavorable stars will magnify negative feelings, causing unnecessary worry. Display a Laughing Buddha here to take away your worries and problems. Occupants of this sector are likely to fall ill frequently and be prone to digestive problems and diseases of the liver. Display a Garuda Wu Luo for protection from illness Chi. Serious injuries caused by accidents are possible. Hang a 6-Rod Metal Windchime to exhaust the afflicted earth energy. Those residing in this sector should avoid dangerous sports this month. Elderly or ill persons should move out of this sector for this month.


The violent stars are doubly inauspicious as they meet here bringing burglary and violence, particularly to the young female. Place a Water Feature in this area to reconcile the elements. Avoid sharp metal objects, which can lead to injury and bleeding. The excess of metal energy affects the blood or heart region. Try not to overwork. Keep this area well lit and protected by placing Glitter Lamps and Anti-Burglary totem here. Avoid late nights and unfamiliar places for the month. If you have to go out, wear the Anti-Burglary amulet.





Luck could go either extremely well or terribly badly, depending on the natal chart of the house in this area. But, the good news is that there could be cause for promotion and job opportunities. However, do not enhance with fire energy, as there is a high risk of accidents by fire. Be careful when cooking with an open fire. Do not leave lit candles and burning incense unattended. Place Crystals Balls or Gem Trees here to help control the elements.


If your room or door is here, there will be many new opportunities for you to excel in academic, research, artistic, literary and creative fields. Display a Pagodas and Wish Fulfilling Bird to bring good news and creativity. Wealth luck is also promising and money-making opportunities abound. Display a Lotus Flower with Carps to cause money luck to crystallize. However, the conflict element brings illness and liver problems. Place an Garuda Wu Luo at the side of your bed if your bedroom is located in this sector.





This is an extremely stressful month of discord and conflict for those residing here. Minor disagreements could escalate into major fights, and even lead to legal problems. Avoid any noisy activities in this area. Place a Red Tara Lamp to control the afflicted chi. The doubled stars of conflict also indicate the possibility of violent fighting. Display a Coin Sword to control this affliction. Use the red furnishings or red carpet to exhaust the energy. Married couples living in this sector should wear the Double Happiness Symbol.


The deadly five yellow joins the annual five yellow here to form a very critical combination bringing misfortune and loss of money especially to the females. Carry a Heart Sutra Keychain and display two Heart Sutra Pagoda in this area. The energies of the sector create danger of illness and serious accidents that can be fatal. Display a Mahabodhi Stupa here to exhaust the afflicted earth energies or display a Dragon Horse on Tortoise to overcome the unlucky stars. Avoid sleeping in this sector this month.





Excellent money luck from heaven brings the good fortune of windfall and monetary gain. This will be especially beneficial for son of the house. If your bedroom or living room is located in this sector, try to spend more time here. The stars here will bring business success. Place 6 Gold Bars and 6 Gold Coins in this area to attract heaven luck. However, there is a possibility of serious injuries or accidents caused by metal objects. Use water to reconcile the elements. Keep knives and sharp objects away from this sector.


The north brings fantastic wealth creation luck to occupants this month, particularly to young son. This sector is extremely fortunate, bringing wonderful money luck and is especially good for accumulating property. Enhance this area with Red Lamps or a Crystal Cluster. Boost the Chi by increasing activity. Spend more this in this sector. Face your best direction and sit in this area to increase sales and see your investments reap returns. Every morning, ring the Ringing Bell to boost the chi here, do not lose opportunities that this sector brings.





Success is indicated for those involved in studying, or creative ventures in artistic fields. Enhance luck with a Calligraphy Set or Crystal Globe. Writers and students who are preparing for written examinations will benefit greatly from this combination of stars. Display a Lotus Flower with a Pair of Jumping Carps to double good fortune. Romance and love luck will flourish as the stars make those who reside here very attractive to the opposite sex. Display Mandarin Ducks here to boost love luck. Avoid water features here this month to protect the marriage.


The Forecast is with Courtesy from WOFS.COM.SDN.BHD