Flying Star Updates for February 2016
1st Month of the Bing Shen Fire Monkey Year (4th February 2016 - 5th March 2016) SOUTHEAST The combination of the double #1 here brings good career and income luck. There will be breakthroughs, especially for those in research and development, and those learning a new skill. Place a water feature here for wealth luck. To boost career luck, display a Dragon Victory Baton or...
Feng Shui By Industry
How Will Different Industries Do In 2016?
Start Your Year Right in 2016
Start The New Year Right for Good Luck Throughout 2016
Auspicious Element Charms for 2016
The All New 2016 Auspicious Element Charms that attract Power, Promotion and Prosperity! Get ready to take on the Year of the Fire Monkey with these powerful element talismanic charms! They balance the elements in your favour to bring awesome good fortune! Just clip onto your handbag, laptop carrier or car rear-view mirror to activate and enjoy the luck of auspiciousness! INCREASING BUSINESS...
Year of the Monkey 2016 Forecast
GENERAL OUTLOOK OF THE YEAR The Year of the Fire Monkey has plenty of money making opportunities but it is also a very sickly year. Place Medicine Buddha Stupa in the centre of your home and carry Good Health Keychain with you. Water is missing from the main chart, so it is vital to surround yourself with water. Wear Blue and carry your cash in the Water Dragon Wallet. Male Leaders and...
Flying Star Updates for January 2016
12th Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (6th January 2016 - 3rd February 2016) SOUTHEAST The double illness star threatens to cause serious kidney problems and other illnesses. Display the Bejewelled Garuda here to supress this yin energy. Pregnant women should avoid this sector as there are dangers of miscarriage. Avoid staying in this part of your house this month if your bedroom...
Radiating Abundance Diamond Necklace
A beautiful pendant of Radiating Abundance to bring eight happiness events into your life!
Flying Star Updates for December 2015
11th Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (7th December 2015 - 5th January 2016) SOUTHEAST Beware of problems caused by the clash of elements. The argument star bang heads with the illness star wreaking havoc in financial matters. Remedy with a 7 Royal Emblem Plaque or Laughing Buddha. Marriages and close relationships suffer from tension and stress caused by the conflict of energies....
Update The Annual Feng Shui of Your Home and Office
It's time to update the Annual Feng Shui of Your Home and Office!
Flying Star Updates for November 2015
10th Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (7th November 2015 - 6th December 2015) SOUTHEAST This month brings good academic and literary luck for those residing in this sector. General luck is a big improvement from last month. Students and writers benefit from this kind of luck. Display a 7 Level Pagoda to boost exam luck and good fortune. Romantic opportunities flourish for...
Looking for a Great Business Opportunity?
Art of Good Living - World OF Feng Shui Singapore opens its doors to Individuals/Entrepreneurs for Sub-Franchises.
We Are Moving to Serve You Better!
Art of Good Living - World Of Feng Shui Singapore will be relocating to service you better.
Round the Clock Blessings from Goddess Tara
Goddess Tara is the "mother of liberation", and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements.
Renovation Rules for Year 2016
It is important to take note of the following renovation rules to avoid any conflicts with the yearly afflictions.
Astrological Affinities 2016
Activate the luck of friends and allies by following the chart below to borrow some of your allies good fortune luck.
Good & Bad Luck Stars of the 24 Mountains 2016
It is essential to know the Good & Bad stars of the 24 Mountains in 2016. The chart below will show you which dierctions and/or animal signs have good and bad stars.
Activating the Seasonal Elements of 2016
Every year, different elements symbolize different categories of luck. You can harness the different kinds of luck by displaying the Seasonal Animal Groupings in the cardinal directions!
Kitchen Feng Shui
One of the most important part of the house is your kitchen, and make sure you follow these helpful tips to avoid problems at work.
Feng Shui of Office Buildings
Good office feng shui begins with protective measures to deflect or dissolve the effects of any killing chi.
Living Room Feng Shui
The living room should have a regular shape - either swuare or rectangular. This is especially important to correct if the missing corner is the vital Soutwest corner.
Tips for the Retail Business
In every retail business, it is important to consider the following tips to help you understand the importance of the location and facing directions of your prospective commercial space.
Several Ways to bring Descendants Luck into your Life
Childless couples who want children can use feng shui to bring the happiness of descendants luck. There are several ways to bring this kind of luck into your life.
Marriage Feng Shui
Feng Shui can help revitalize a stale marriage, infusing happiness back into a realtionship that is floundering.
Flying Star Updates for October, 2015
9th Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (8th October 2015 - 6th November 2015) SOUTHEAST Take extra care. This month is extremely inauspicious because the misfortune star has joined the annual illness star. The combination here indicates serious illness and disaster. Those staying in this sector could develop serious illnesses. Display a Medicine Buddha Plaque or Garuda Wu...
The Five Colour Manifestations of Tara
Tara appears in a variety of forms; but mainly she manifests in white, yellow, red, green and blue. Lillian explained that these five colours of Tara have great importance as they symbolize the five categories of magical powers she is able to perform. To channel these kinds of blessings from each of the five coloured Taras, Lillian designed five different brass mirrors with the image and mantras...
Flying Star Updates for September 2015
8th Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (8th September 2015 - 7th October 2015) SOUTHEAST If your main door or bedroom is in this sector, you will receive unexpected windfalls and increase of opportunities in your life. Heaven shines upon residents of this sector. Enhance good fortune luck by placing a Wish Granting Tree in this part of your home or office. To keep the annual...
Boost Your Health
When you’re feeling good, it is easy to achieve anything! So when you’re striving to improve your happiness quotient, give a thought to boosting your health and wellness luck. These cosmic feng shui items and accessories feature fabulous wellness mantras and syllables of the Medicine Buddha to ensure you feel fighting fit for the summer... Hum Bangle This wonderfully...
Fabulous Feng Shui Wearables
If you’re looking for some romance; want to make an impression at that cocktail you’re attending; need a bit of extra cash or just looking for some new opportunities to pursue in life... check out these fabulous feng shui wearables and carryables to get you through the summer! POPULARITY SCARF in Pink or Blue Drape these gorgeous silk scarves around your neck and let...
The Mandala of the Nine Taras
This beautiful Golden Mandala House of TARA features the prolific GREEN TARA in the centre and the Eight Inner and Outer Taras who protects from the eight inner and outer dangers.
WOFS Brand Ambassador Program
WOFS Singapore is expanding! We are looking for Brand Ambassadors to be our distribution partners in Singapore and in Indonesia. LEARN MORE HERE
The Five Long Life Sisters
Invite these Goddesses into your home and let them protect you from the harmful elements of nature! Stay safe from water, fire, earth and wind natural disasters. TASHI TSERINGMA - GODDESS OF POWERFUL PROTECTION Tseringma is the all powerful Earth Goddess of Protection. She is the leader of the five long-life sisters and she rides on a snow lioness. She protects you from premature...
Essential Hungry Ghost Protection Amulets
Hungry Ghost month is considered one of the two darkest months of the year. This is the time where spirits and ghosts are released from the underworld and intermediate states, and given permission to enter the human realms for 30 lunar days! The gates of the in-between worlds starts opening on 14th August, reaches its zenith on the night of the full moon in 28th August and then gradually closes until...
The Sun & Moon Crystal Globe
Fill your home with solar and lunar energies with this beautiful Sun and Moon Crystal Globe!
Flying Star Updates for August, 2015
7th Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (8th August 2015 - 7th September 2015) SOUTHEAST The monthly violent star flies into this sector, bringing threat of robbery and fighting. Place a Rhino and Elephant here to suppress the energies and display a Anti-Burglary Totem to protect against break-ins. There is increased competition at work, so it is advisable to display a 9 Dragon...
Amulets That Keep You Safe From Harm
As we enter into the darker half of the year, wearing amulets becomes your best defence against hungry ghosts and restless wandering spirits. Place these powerful spiritually protective cures in your home, and carry your medallions wherever you go! MEDICINE BUDDHA PLAQUE Spirits that cause illness have greater power in the second half of the year. Keep your home safe from illness...
Flying Star Updates for July, 2015
6th Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (7th July 2015 - 7th August 2015) SOUTHEAST The Sum-of-Ten combination in this sector brings money rolling in for a good few weeks! Occupants are likely to achieve financial success after a bad month, especially in the accumulation of properties and assets. Display a 8 Rod Crystal Drop Water Windchime and bejewelled tree to harness the...
Flying Star Updates for June, 2015
5th Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (6th June 2015 - 6th July 2015) SOUTHEAST The expansion star has further strengthened the annual illness energies here. The stars are generally not auspicious for the health as they affect the liver. Display the Garuda to control the malevolent energies here and wear a Wu Luo Pendant in 18K Gold. Pregnant women should avoid residing...
Auspicious Cushion with A Touch of Royalty
Add a touch of royalty to your home! Place these cushion covers in your living room to bring the luck of luxury and authority into your life!
Exquisite Healing Bangle
Powerful Mantra syllable “HUM” brings powerful protection, especially against bad vibes, undesirable people, spiritual harm. It is also wishfulfilling and brings success.
Flying Star Updates for May, 2015
4th Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (6th May 2015 - 5th June 2015) SOUTHEAST Another good month for this sector. The white star brings career advancement and literary luck. Display a Tortoise or Dragon Tortoise here to boost career luck. For students, place an image of Kuan Kung Holding a Book or a Lotus Root to boost study luck. Health luck may not be so rosy, but you can...
Flying Star Updates for April, 2015
3rd Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (5th April 2015 - 5th May 2015) SOUTHEAST These unfavorable stars will magnify negative feelings, causing unnecessary worry. Display a Laughing Buddha here to take away your worries and problems. Occupants of this sector are likely to fall ill frequently and be prone to digestive problems and diseases of the liver. Display a Garuda Wu Luo...
Flying Star Updates for March, 2015
2nd Month of the Yi Wei Wood Sheep Year (6th Mar 2015 - 4th Apr 2015) SOUTHEAST Watch out for problems caused by the clashing elements and energies of this sector resulting in much conflict and discord. These energies bring gossip, arguments and disagreements that could lead to serious legal entanglements. Remedy this area with a 7 Royal Emblem Plaque. Do not generate too...
Flying Star Updates for February 2015
SOUTHEAST This is the favorable month for those in academic and literary pursuits. Students are encouraged to work in this sector this month. If your bedroom is located here, you will gain good exam luck from the visiting star. Display a Double Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate here. New romantic opportunities flourish for women. Single women will find their partner, but married...
Annual Forecast for the Year 2015!
GENERAL OUTLOOK OF THE YEAR A very quarrelsome year with the Star of War taking centre-stage. Subdue this with fire energy. Place the Mahabodhi Stupa in the center of your home, and display the 7 Royal Emblems Plaque nearby. The first half the year is destructive. Display White Umbrella Goddess to protect against natural disasters and violence. Not a good time for investments. Luck improves...
Cures and Enhancers for 2015
Protect your home and yourself from harmful stars with our brand new Cures and Enhancers for 2015.
Wear More Red in the Year of the Wood Sheep 2015!
In the Year of the Wood Sheep, get ahead by wearing red! The wood hostility star #3 brings conflict with others. Nip this quarrelsome star in the bud by having the element of fire with you wherever you go! In 2015, fire also brings authority and recognition luck! And for those who want to find love this year, our Red Tara scarves will make you simply irresistible! KING GESAR PIN Success...
Amulets That Will Empower You In 2015
Feng shui winds blow differently every year, and it is good practice to replace last year’s amulet hangings with new ones to match the different stars that affect your personal luck! Here are eight gorgeous amulet hangings that everyone should have on hand throughout the year! Consult Lillian Too and Jennifer Too’s Feng Shui and Astrology books for month-by-month guides on when best to...
Flying Star Updates for January 2015
12th Month of the Jia Wu Wood Horse Year (6th Jan 2015 - 3rd Feb 2015) SOUTHEAST There could be money trouble and arguments that lead to a loss of wealth and poor business luck. It is good idea to manage your money carefully to avoid facing cash-flow problems. If your bedroom is located here, financial loss and dispute will be severe. If your kitchen is located here, sickness...
Three Lucky Sheep - Cuddle Them for Good Luck!
Enchant your kids, or the kid in you, with this adorable plush set.
The Heart Sutra Pillar
The Heart Sutra Pillar - a potent cure to suppress the 5 Yellow.
Feng Shui Fusion in Singapore's Orchard Road
Feng Shui Fusion in Singapore's Orchard Road Orchard Road in Singapore is certainly without doubt the busiest and most famed shopping area in Singapore, where all the best stores and latest boutiques with their latest prestigious brands & designs are located. This shopping belt is indeed a veritable shoppersâ paradise in Singapore. Those who love to shop will inevitably be spoilt for...
What is Pi Xiu?
Traditionally to the Chinese, Pixiu has always been regarded as an auspicious Celestial Guardian that possessed mystical power capable of bringing in wealth from all directions, and it was considered a propitious animal that could turn disasters into good fortune by ancient Chinese fengshui masters. In ancient times, Pixiu was originally known as Pixie, which means to avoid evil spirits in Chinese....
Good Timing is Everything
Create a journal, then look back at all you have written. Observe the quality of your days and watch patterns emerge. Learn feng shui the intuitive way! When you start recording all the good things that happen to you, there is nothing that brings better feng shui. Make this your indispensable personalized Book of Days!
2015 Horoscope Books Now Available
As we enter the Sheep Year, are these the questions going through your head? - Can you increase your net worth this year? - Will you find love with someone special? - Is your health going to be a problem? - Can you get a BIG break this year? Getting this latest edition of Fortune and Feng Shui for 2015, your personalized horoscope text for the new year, will make it possible for you to not only investigate...
Scarves and Shawls for Safety and Prosperity
ACTION PROTECTION WHEEL SHAWL Removes obstacles that hinder personal success and the completion of all activities. Protects against harm from the 8 directionse. MANJUSHRI SHAWL This shawl features the Inner Protectieon Wheel of Manjushri Buddha of Knowledge. Protect against ignorance and spirit harm from the 10 directions. Very powerful...
Fulfill Your Wishes with Kuan Yin's Mantra Watch
Invite compassion and kindness into your life.
The Watch of Amitabha Buddha
Come under the benevolent care of Glorious Amitabha Buddha, King of the Lotus Buddha Family. He protects you from the dangers of falling into the deep abyss of misfortune. AMITABHA BUDDHA WATCH This is the sacred mantra of BUDDHA AMITABHA which protects you from dangers and obstacles, and overcomes all hindrances to your success. The mantra enhances your compassionate and loving nature...
Plaques for Good Health & Abundance
'TSOG' FOOD OFFERING PLAQUE This food offering prayer blesses and multiplies all food, an offers it to Guru Rinpoche and all the Buddhas. Display on your dining table and read the text before each meal. MEDICINE BUDDHA MANDALA PLAQUE Medicine Buddha is known as healing Buddha. Medicine Buddha has made a vow to help those who call upon him...
Auspicious Medallions for Health, Wealth & Protection
PROSPERITY MEDALLION Guards against loss of wealth and ensures you have the means to look after yourself, your family and also to help others. Highly recommended for all breadwinners of the family. PROTECTION AGAINST BLACK MAGIC MEDALLION This precious amulet medallion protects you from becoming bewitched by love spells and 8 kinds of black magic...
Vasudhara - Queen of Abundance
This beautiful Vasudhara is the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance! Her name means "Stream of Gems" and is depicted with three faces, six arms and a beautiful golden orange body. Vasudhara brings abundant material and spiritual wealth, and helps you develop a generous nature.
The Ring of the Supreme Conqueror
The beautiful mantra ring is engraved with the powerful syllables of Guru Rinpoche and King Gesar. The inner mantra is King Gesarâs victory mantra and the outer mantra is Guru Rinpocheâs protection mantra. It is known as the Mantra Ring of the Supreme Conquerors as wearing it eliminates obstacles that prevent you from reaching your full potential. Wear it as a ring or pendant to come under...
Latest Feng Shui Ornaments
Check out our new range of products. Artistically crafted to suit your modern home and feng shui needs. ELEPHANT - RESIN 5 ELEMENT COLORS The elements ( Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth ) are an integral part of the Chinese Zodiac which define a universal balance. All things arise from and return to the earth â when we study the Zodiac, it's important for us to bear the elements...
Using Auspicious Lightings in Feng Shui
Lights and feng shui go hand-in-hand, for there's no better enhancing agent than fire energy... and lights represent just that. Whenever you illuminate an area with light, you are activating the area and imbuing it with precious Yang Chi. All you need to know then is HOW TO IDENTIFY the areas you should enhance, and WHAT KIND OF LIGHT is best suited to the purpose you are using it for. ...
Using Feng Shui as Management Tool
Many people may not realise it but Feng Shui canbe a management tool for business.
Matrimonial Essentials
In this wedding issue, we feature five special feng shui items that can attract luck of marriage as well as stabilize a new relationships. This is particularly important in 2014 as the Star of External Romance also makes an appearance in the chart. 2 Eye Dzi with Rose Quartz Heart to attract LOVE & MARRIAGE This 2-eye Dzi bead strung with rose quartz heart makes perfect love charm...
Boost Your Career and Income Luck
This auspicious arctic symbol activates the luck of career and success from the North. Place it in the North sector of your living room to boost your income luck. The mysterious stone figures known as inuksuit can be found throughout the circumpolar world. Inukshuk, the singular of inuksuit, means "in the likeness of a human" in the Inuit language. They are monuments made of unworked stones...
Invite the Long Dharani of the Goddess Kuan Yin
  Millions of people around the world know and truly love the Goddess Kuan Yin, as she embodies the ultimate compassion of all the Buddhas combined. Known to the Tibetans as Chenrezig, or by her Sanskrit name "Avalokiteshvara", her six syllable mantra "OM MANI PADME HUM" is quite likely the most popular and widely chanted in the world. Buddhists of every tradition turn to Kuan Yin for all their...
New Bejewelled Vairocana Stupa
Vairocana Buddha is one of the five Tathagatas symbolizing all pervasive wisdom i.e. knowledge free from all kinds of obscuration. Vairocana Buddha is placed generally in the sanctum of the stupa. Sometimes vairocana buddha is placed between Akshobhya and Ratna Sambhava in the stupa. Vairocana buddha resides always in the Akanistha heaven. Vairocana Buddha is white in color and his hands are held...
Protective Mirrors
The secret of these beauties are the hidden cosmic powers that protect those who own them. Carry these as amulets wherever you go to give you protection throughout the day.
Dispell Harm Brought by Gossips, Slander and Black Magic
This mirror features the protective double pyramid star of the Fierce Red Mother Goddess, and is one of the most powerful mirror amulets for dispelling harm brought by gossip, slander and dark magic. The syllable BAM in the centre carries the vital essence of the Red Mother, protecting you against hidden and obvious enemies.
Wind Horse Watch for Success
The Wind Horse or lung ta measures your success potential. In years when your personal Wind Horse is strong, wearing the Wind Horse in gold enhances this good fortune; and in years when your success luck may be afflicted, having the Wind Horse near you ensures that success can nevertheless manifest for you.
BREAKING NEWS! Come Celebrate the Grand Opening of WOFS City Square (Singapore)’s This Saturday!
We are very pleased to inform all our Singapore fans that WOFS Singapore inVivo City has now moved to City Square Mall!  Our new store in WOFS City Square Mall is bigger, more beautiful and ready to serve all your feng shui needs! Owner and Senior Consultant Amelia Neo has put on a dazzling grand opening which will be held this Saturday 18th May, 2013 to officiate our beautiful new store! Everyone...
Understanding the Luck of Numbers
Find Out What Numbers Work For You & Stick With Them One's lucky number is often associated with special or meaning to us. PERSONAL LUCKY NUMBERS For individuals, lucky numbers are usually related with our date of birth with all the single numbers added together until the whole date (day), month and year is reduced to a single number. That number, according to many systems of numerology, signifies...
Jewel In Singapore's Iconic Hilltop
Most of these restaurants have breathtaking views of the natural surroundings and the sea.  It is indeed a magnificent experience to enjoy sumptuous meals and friendly service with such spectacular views!
Shopping with Good Feng Shui
Feng Shui Fusion in Singapore's Orchard Road Orchard Road in Singapore is certainly without doubt the busiest and most famed shopping area in Singapore, where all the best stores and latest boutiques with their latest prestigious brands & designs are located. This shopping belt is indeed a veritable shoppersâ paradise in Singapore. Those who love to shop will inevitably be spoilt for choice with...
Visualisations to Health, Wealth and Happiness
Your Inner Mind has the great power to enhance your life, bringing a continuous flow of success and abundance. When you master the ability to keep images of victory and prosperity vividly in your mind, your outer reality merges magically with your inner power. It is then that the supremacy of your mind and the vividness of your imagination, combined to bring all your needs and desires into magical...
World of Feng Shui Singapore is now expanding and is inviting highly motivated Entrepreneurs (Individuals or Companies), to participate as privilege Business Partners. Interested parties may immediately email to: or contact 9844-9938 for application.
Good Feng Shui Portraits
A Grand Family Portrait hung in the living room can bring an auspicious ambience of Family Happiness, Togetherness, Wealth Increment & even Higher Social Standing. And when Good Feng Shui accompanies the color composition and lighting, portraits can bring a sudden rise in fortune as well. Here are some portraits tips to keep in mind........ In the old days, only very wealthy families or members...
Golfing with Good Feng Shui
This is an interesting article written by Amelia Neo, Co Owner & Senior Consultant in World of Feng Shui Singapore.
Basic Feng Shui Guideline in Looking For your Ideal Home
My Ideal Home......My Dream Palace......Selecting My Ideal Property...... The external surroundings of your home exert a huge influence in your life. It affects your personal health, your happiness, your prosperity and your success. It also has effect on the opportunities that come to you.Selecting a house with good Feng Shui should therefore, play an important role in your house buying decision.  ...
Marina Living in Singapore
This is an interesting article written by Amelia Neo on the luxuriousliving at Sentosa Covewhich haveauspicious Period 8 facing and benefit from the open space concept ........
A Very Extraordinary Mother’s Day (By Amelia Neo)
Photo :Amelia Neowith Mrs Smith In the course of my feng shui work, I get to meet some truly lovely people. Last month I was invited to a private luncheon with two âVVIP customersâ on vacation in Singapore.The invitation came from a prestigious events management company that had a couple of important Hollywood ladies who wanted to meet with someone who could give them some professional pointers...
Auspicious Property Sourcing For WOFS Singapore Customers
At WOFS Singapore, our Residential/Office consultation services transcend ordinary service level to further provide Auspicious Property Sourcing for our customers who are discerning in buying Auspicious Property conforming to the Consultation reports. In this respect, we are appointed to be their exclusive Property Agent to search the market for the right property that strictly conforms to the preset...
WOFS S'pore Short Consultation Services
New Consultation services specially designed to address your Feng Shui needs at home and in the office, will give you more leverage to achieve Wellness and Success. With the given Requirements, we will work and mail out the report to you; except for Quick Property Assessment, where On-site visit is needed. It is definitely more convenient & affordable for you to get such Services here at our website...
Interview with AMELIA NEO
An interview with Singapore's New Feng Shui Queen- extracted from FENGSHUI WORLD May & June 2010 Issue (Pages 32-35) AMELIA NEO is taking feng shui to new heights. She is the driving force behind WORLD OF FENG SHUI in Singapore. We catch up with this powerfully focused business lady whose very successful feng shui consultancy business in Singapore and Indonesia is taking her to high...
TV Shows in Indonesia
ATN Indonesia received the privilege from Indonesia's Media giants (Metro TV & Jak TV), to give interesting modern Feng Shui talks to their TV fans for the Lunar New Year of the Tiger. ('Imlek' is the Indonesian equivalent for Lunar New Year) In one of the most populated country in the world, Indonesia is the land where people of multi-facet culture and practices co-exist harmoniously;...
Lion Dance at WOFS Singapore
Lion Dances made their appearances at the WOFS Singapore boutiques at VivoCity and Tras Street, during the last two daysof the Chinese New Year, to mark the beginning of a good, prosperous and healthy New Year for all its Customers, Staff and Management of WOFS Singapore........                                                          Were you...
Complete Feng Shui Services
WOFS Singapore now provides a full range of Feng Shui services to cater for your diverse needs, in Singapore and Indonesia. Our Internet services extend similar Feng Shui services beyond these boundaries to reach the international clientele........