Annual Horoscope for the Year 2015

Your Luck and Remedies in the Annual Horoscope for Year of the Wood Sheep 2015

Sheep is the only Horoscope Zodiac sign that can “unlock the Mountain of Gold” that can potentially bring abundance of Prosperity and Opportunities. However, the 2015 Wood Sheep is weak and therefore, several remedies will be needed to tap wealth luck.

2015 will be another year filled with hostility. It is a year where anger and shortness of temper will prevailsince the No. 3 Hostility and Quarrelsome star is located in the Center.  In addition, the year is also afflicted with War Star which means that all the violence and hostility from 2014 will continue through 2015.   Take precautions to stay safe during the year. 

Ensure that you place the correct remedies in your Living and Working Space to suppress unfavorable luck and all hostility throughout the year.  On the brighter side, there are also presence of good auspicious Stars and Friends & Allies in the year Phat Chee chart, that can bring Good Partnership, Prosperity as well as Protection.


  • Ensure that you do not face Southwest in 2015 as doing so will be in direct confrontation with the “Tai Sui” of the year.  This can result to bad luck, bad health and misfortune throughout the year.
  • Ensure that you do not have your back to the West in 2015, as doing so can result to you being the victim of being back-stabbed and betrayed.
  • Do not put any massive Red (including bright lights) or Yellow colors and Earth elements (i.e. crystals, etc.) in the West of your residence and work area in 2015, as doing so can bring great misfortune and very bad luck. Keep the West area quiet during the year.
  • Do not commence any renovation works from Southwest and Westof your living and working space in 2015.
While the Horse benefits from having the Sheep as your secret friend, 2015 brings a mixed year of ups and downs. Although there are a number of very auspicious stars, your energy is low, which means it could be difficult to actualize the good luck that comes your way. You need to carry the Life Force Enhancing Medallion and display 3 Horses in the South of your home. You are also affected by the robbery...
This year brings big success to the Snake! There are indications of big money and good career advancement. A number of auspicious stars collectively indicates this could be a year that you experience a dramatic change to your standard of living, with lots of exciting events in store! Carry the 2/7 Money Luck Hotu Mirror and display the King Gesar Flag hung up high in the garden. Those of you in high...
The Dragon lacks self-confidence as your energy is weakened by the elements of the year. Health and spiritual essence including emotional energy is affected. Place the Garuda Wu Luo in the Southeast and the Arensui Wu Luo beside your bed. In addition, Dragons should carry the Health Keychain to strengthen physical essence. This is a good year to invite Bejeweled King Gesar into the home and to wear...
2015 brings confidence and strength to the Rabbit, and with this surge of energy, there is reason to rejoice as things keep on going your way! This is the start of a number of good years for you, and together with some favorable stars, you can be sure that this will be a memorable year. There is good progress in your career with the victorious #1 star so display the Jit Jit Go Shing in your office...
The Tiger continues to have a good year due to your strong life force and charismatic personality. Although there may be a few difficult months, on the whole 2015 will be an excellent year in terms of career and social relationships. To enhance wealth and career luck, carry the God of Wealth Keychain and display the Ox & Tiger Crystal Ball on your work desk. Carry the Annual Spring Amulet to enhance...
A neutral year filled with both good news and difficulty. But the heavenly star #6 brings success and helpful people, protecting you from the worst of the year. Display the Ox & Tiger Crystal Ball in the Northeast of your home and carry the God of Wealth Keychain to ensure money luck manifests you. You are in direct confrontation with the Tai Sui, so apart from carrying the Tai Sui Amulet you should...
The Rat is in for a great year after difficulties of last year. There are a number of excellent stars that bring good luck and good news to the Rat. Health, wealth and success luck is strong with the presence of the #8 star; to enhance, hang the 8 Rod Crystal Windchime and display the Lotus Flower with Carps in the North. Introduce some indoor potted plants into your living room. There are indications...
2015 weakens the energy of the Boar causing lethargy, thus obstructing success potential. This is a year when Boar people must make a special effort to strengthen themselves physically and to carry protective amulets to protect their emotional and physical health. Carry the Health Amulet and display the Garuda Wu Luo in the Southeast of your home. To strengthen your emotional and spiritual levels,...
The Dog comes into side conflict with the Tai Sui this year and should carry the Tai Sui Amulet in addition to doing good deeds at the start of the year. As your intrinsic energy is low, you should carry the Balance 5 Elements Medallion. Wear the King Gesar Mantra Ring or King Gesar Watch to protect from the Yearly Killings Star. It is also important to take steps to protect your health by placing...
A number of unfavorable stars visit the Rooster, bringing unexpected obstacles. However, as energy is strong in 2015, it is possible for those of you who place the appropriate remedies to end the year with a big smile and with great success. The most important star that needs to be controlled is the misfortune star #5. Display the Heart Sutra Pagoda in the West of your home or living room, and carry...
The Monkey is in for a challenging but exciting year filled with both rewards and obstacles as there are both lucky and unfortunate stars that visits the Monkey. It is important for you to carry the Anti-Burglary Amulet Keychain and display the Anti Burglary Plaque in the Southwest of your living room. Your should display 3 Chi Lins or the 3 Divine Guardians in the West corner to avoid meeting up with...
The Sheep can get ready for an exciting and rewarding year in terms of personal happiness. There are many auspicious stars that visit your chart this year. So long as you take steps to ensure you do not disturb the Tai Sui, this will be an excellent year. Carry the Tai Sui Amulet and display the Tai Sui Plaque in the Southwest. To further enhance wealth luck, display the Jade Pi Yao in the Southwest...