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Besides consultation services and continuous development of Modern Contemporary auspicious products, WOFS Singapore also conduct classes to benefit those who want to know more about basic fundamental Feng Shui, how you can apply the right knowledge and practice in their day-to-day life in order to have good career, good business, good health, good family harmony, including activating their love luck for those still searching for the right partner and many more. Our very simple-to-understand classes will include the following :

Basic Feng Shui


  • Introduction to Feng Shui Origin                                                 
  • Form Feng Shui, Poison arrows, etc
  • 8 Aspiration Chart, Cycles of 5 elements & applications
  • Kua calculation, Astrological directions & applications
  • Taking Direction
  • Time Dimension
  • Basic Flying Star, Water/Mountain Stars
  • Feng Shui Lucky Numbers
  • Annual afflictions, Tai Sui, 3 killings
  • Cures & Enhancers
  • Group Assignment
  • Making of Wealth Vase          

Basic Ba Zi (Paht Chee)


  • Introduction to Ba Zi (Paht Chee)
  • 5 Elements & Horoscope Animals Application
  • Analysis of the Ba Zi Chart
  • 5 types of Luck Cycle
  • Special Stars in the Chart
  • Analysis for Timing, 10-year Pillar luck
  • Good & Bad Period
  • Personal Remedies and many more 


The classes are very enriching coupled withe lots of useful information and tips that you can apply for your daily life at your Living and Working Space.  Our classes are easy to understand and fill with lots of fun.